Frequently asked questions


Why providing a paid support service ?

We want to keep the Themosis framework a free and open-source software but in order to evolve, we’re looking for regular income in order to sustain the project and its infrastructure.

By subscribing to a support plan, you help contribute to the framework and its future and in exchange you get access to its authors help for your projects.

How many members can I invite ?

By registering, you become the owner of the organization/team and each subscription plan contains a single member seat.

You can then invite and add as many team members as you want based on the number of additional seats purchased with your subscription.

How can I format my code sample ?

The text editor is leveraging the Markdown syntax. You can read more about the syntax here on the GitHub guide.

Who can use the Themosis support ?

From hobbyist to freelancer to agencies to large companies, anyone can subscribe to our support.

What’s the average time to answer ?

Standard support might take to 48h for a response while the premium plan with priority support gives a response on the same day.

Please note that a delay might happen based on your timezone as the support is provided from Belgium.

What are the benefits of a support plan ?

By subscribing to a support plan, you get direct access to framework authors in order to help you solve your current implementation with the Themosis framework.

You also help fund the project and its development.

What is an “organization” ?

The support application is “team” based. When registering for a new account, you must create an organization, which is the legal entity that represents your business.

The “organization” is the reference used for billing. An invoice is generated and attached to your business only.

How many tickets can I open ?

There is no limit to the number of tickets you open.

Are my tickets shared with the organization other members ?

No, tickets are attached and private to each person. Other members of your organization cannot read your ongoing discussion with our support.

What are the support opening days ?

Support is provided from monday to friday. But please note that some tickets opened on friday, based on your timezone, might be delayed until the next business day.

Subscription & Invoicing

Can I change my subscription plan at anytime ?

Yes ! You can switch support plan based on your needs or budget at anytime you want. As an organization owner (main account), you can manage your subscription from your account.

If you start from a “standard” plan and go to a “premium” plan, please note that only new tickets created after the subscription change are marked as prioritary.

What happen to my data if I cancel my subscription ?

As an owner, your account remains available and all solved tickets are preserved. Same for your organization members.

You can no longer open new tickets or write to any left opened ones.

How can I use a coupon code ?

Coupons are only available at account creation. You can benefit from a discount the first time you register. The coupon defines the discount period automatically.

What happens if I update the subscription plan during the discount period ?

You can change your subscription plan and update the number of additional seats as you want and the discount is applied on the updated price.

Can I purchase more seats ?

Yes ! As an organization owner, you can manage your subscription and update the number of available seats.

Please note that if you downgrade the number of seats, you must first remove the associated members.

What’s your cancellation and refund policy ?

You can cancel at any time, and you’ll keep the access to your account for as long as you want. We don’t offer refunds.

Can I delete my organization account ?

Currently, there is no option to delete your owner account on your own. Please contact us at if you no longer want to keep your account.

What happens when the discount on the subscription ends ?

The application automatically updates your subscription to a regular price and you can continue to use the service.

What happens to my discount if I stop the subscription ?

If you stop your service subscription, the discount cannot be extended on a subscription renewal.