Enterprise support

Get dedicated support and contribute to open-source software

  • E-mail support
  • Framework author feedback
  • 24h/24h - 5/7 support
  • Support in both english and french
Themosis Enterprise Support

A Themosis Framework Helpdesk

Enterprise support is a monthly subscription service for your organization. Each plan provides one developer seat access by default. You can then purchase, as an owner, additional seats to add multiple team members. Each member handles their own support tickets.

Standard Plan

59 / month

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Team/Organization management
More seats

Additional seat

6 / month

Premium Plan

79 / month

  • Standard plan options
  • Priority support
More seats

Additional seat

9 / month

Themosis development service

If you’re looking for development resources for your next application or code assistance for your team, our development services may be the perfect solution.

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